The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us!

“And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!’

Jesus of Nazareth

Our story starts back in 2004 when Dr Ruth Huelser, a German GP working for the NHS in the UK, was sent out by the Church Mission Society (CMS) to work with them as a Link Missionary in a project, a Health Centre in the Diocese of Tabora, Tanzania .

While Ruth was working in the Health Centre, helping and overseeing its development, another smaller project grew up called ‘One Family’ or in Swahili ‘Familia Moja’. This project aimed to help to alleviate the suffering of people with insufficient means to maintain their health or life. A new focus of the group’s work has developed more recently. This is looking at how to deal with the lack of available water sources in the community which is key to income generation and survival. With support from Bunyan Baptist Church in Stevenage and other churches in the UK and Europe, Ruth was able to support many who otherwise would have had no help and would have died of starvation or illness.

In 2018, Ruth’s connection with CMS and the clinic came to an end and she returned to the UK. But her connections with Tanzania were strong as she had adopted two children there and this had been her home and life for many years. And the Team who had supported this work were desperate to continue this life saving work.

So to put it on a secure and accountable foundation, it was decided to create two charities – one in Tanzania to do the caring and one here in the UK to manage the funding from the various churches and donors. As of January 2019 we have a formally approved Tanzanian Charity. Setting up the UK Charity is taking a little more time – but the three Trustees – Rebecca Birch, Denise Beach and Ruth Huelser [and their trusty tech adviser Eric Beach] – are working hard to set this up and hope to have it completed very soon.

The Trustees and their trusty ‘tech adviser’

Please pray that the final bits of the process will fall into place and that the setting up of the bank account and the registration with the Charity Commission will go smoothly.

Author: ericbeachhpa

I am the webmaster / administrator for Familia Moja Community Project - UK. I assist the trustees of this charity in the publicity using this website. The organisation's aim is the prevention or relief of poverty and sickness in the Tabora district of Tanzania by making grants or donations to a Community Based Project [CBO] with the same name licensed in Tanzania.

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