Christmas has come!

Martin Knight as a Wise Man – Bunyan Baptist Church 2017

Happy Christmas

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus – the Messiah who came to serve the poor – we also celebrate the gifts that have come to us courtesy of many of you and especially from the Family of Martin Knight, Bunyan Baptist Church and St John’s Church in Yeovil. Thank you to all of you who have contributed to this work whether in small one off gifts or regular donations.

Thank you for your generosity!


At the beginning of 2020, it was estimated that we would need to raise approximately £16,000 [based on the first six month’s expenditure] within the current financial year. As we started the year, we were thinking about how we might run quizzes and other fund raisers and how we could make the work of Familia Moja more well know. The arrival of Covid19 put paid to all of that!

And yet at the end of the year we are able to report that our finances are in a far better position than we could have ever imagined!

And much of that is due to the very kind donation of over £8,000 by the family of our friend and long term supporter Martin Knight, who passed away about this time two years ago. His life was a blessing to our work in so many ways – he even visited the project in Tabora and is fondly remembered by FMI staff with whom he worked. His family have been exceptionally generous with the legacy that he left and this donation will allow us to continue to save lives and improve the health and wellbeing of the poorest in Tabora.

So thank you to all of you who have donated. And thank God for his timing – sending us the resources we need at just the right time.

If you have not seen it or would like to download a copy – our first annual report [from our start in September 2019 until the end of our financial year in April 2020] is available here.

The gift of water

In Tanzania the rains have come. Hopefully this year they won’t be in quite the excessive quantity of last year [though hopefully that will have replenished underground aquifers and filled some of the local wells].

One of our new ponds – Muhele [each one has a name] – is filling nicely.

You can see a short three-minute film of the FMI Team planting onions in one of our gardens at

The grounds have been prepared by the addition of cow dung and other composting material. Here the cow dung arrives in the FMI vehicle [now over 25 years old!] ready to be added to the compost.

Author: ericbeachhpa

I am the webmaster / administrator for Familia Moja Community Project - UK. I assist the trustees of this charity in the publicity using this website. The organisation's aim is the prevention or relief of poverty and sickness in the Tabora district of Tanzania by making grants or donations to a Community Based Project [CBO] with the same name licensed in Tanzania.

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